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Fashionable Cuff-Style Leather Bracelet

This new ornate flat leather has been catching my eye since it came in the door!  I am having a lot of fun creating bracelets with the fun wide magnetic clasps we offer.  So far, we have them in 20, 30, 40, and 60mm widths.  These bracelets come out looking like a designer piece and no one ever suspects they took 15 minutes to put together!


It is pleasing to obtain a dual look of a wrap bracelet and a cuff at the same time!  This bracelet has two of my favorite 10mm Flat Leather Sliders,  the Star and the Crystal Slider.  I am continually impressed by the variety of leather that we are able to offer at Bello Modo!  This bracelet uses 5mm Flat Leather in Rust, 10mm Patterned Flat Leather in Ornate Aquarium, and 10mm Egyptian Style Flat Leather in Red.


Quickly becoming my favorite clasp, this is the 40mm Flat Hammered Magnetic Clasp in Antique Silver.


Construction and Component List:

To put this bracelet together in a snap, measure your wrist and order the leather in a quantity minus the clasp length of 43mm (1.7inches).  So for my 7.5 inch wrist I ordered 7 inches for each piece of leather (a total of 14 inches of the colors that I used twice) so that I could have some room to play with how I wanted the bracelet to sit and move around on my wrist.  I did not want it to be too tight or too loose, but just enough to have some movement.

Cut your leather pieces if needed and place them into one side of the magnetic clasp.  Place the bracelet (this will be tricky but will show you if you need to trim the leather a bit to have the perfect fit) around your wrist and get an idea of how and where you want it to sit.  Trim leather if needed.

With one side of the magnetic clasp, drip a line of Super New Glue into the clasp, be careful not to use too much as it will come up out of the clasp and discolor the visible leather.  Place each piece of leather into the clasp and hold into place for a moment.  Leave the bracelet tosit for several minutes to cure.  Next, place your sliders onto the leather.  Finally, with the bracelet open and the clasp in two pieces, take the second part of the clasp (double check the orientation is proper so that the clasp fits together when you are finished!) and affix the leather in the same manner as the first side.  Hold for a moment, then let sit and cure for several minutes.

The last step is to glue down your sliders, unless you want them to move around the bracelet.  Put your bracelet on and figure out just where you want the sliders to sit.  Take the bracelet off and move the slider over slightly and place a drop of glue in the spot and move the slider carefully back onto the glue.  Press and hold for a moment, then continue with the remaining sliders.  Finished!

Supply List:


Created especially for Bello Modo by Wild Human Designs.

Wild Human Designs offers tutorials through the Bello Modo blog and is always available for custom orders!


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