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Lucite Owl Earrings

Allow me to introduce you to one of my all time favorite beads in the Bello Modo shop… the 2 sided Lucite owl beads! They are adorable, nice and light for a large bead so they make great earrings, and they come in fantastic colors! Did I mention they are 2 sided?


Owls carry a lot of symbology behind them, and are a very special creature to me. I love creating jewelry that has a little extra meaning than just being pretty. Wearing my owl earrings remind me of the symbology that the owl holds for me. Here is a great simple explanation of owl symbology: Owl Symbol

These are a fun and quick earring project to do! Very simple for beginners. I have sold a lot of these earrings as well. People love them!



  1. Place a melon bead, and owl bead, and another melon bead on a headpin. Trim the headpin down a bit accordingly, and use your round nose pliers to create a simple loop at the top. Repeat with the other head pin and beads.
  2. Open the loop on your french ear wire and attach your owl drop that you made. Repeat with the other one!

That’s it! Easy peasy. Pick the colors that you are drawn to, and maybe a matching bracelet?

Hoot hoot!

Have fun creating!


P.S. For another example of how to use the lucite owls in a pair of earrings check out the Amethyst Owl Earrings post from Wild Human which you can see here…


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