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Stamped Nunn Design Mother’s Necklace

So many gorgeous new Nunn components arrived recently and I was inspired to try my hand at metal stamping again.  Although, they did not come out perfect and I had to scrap a couple pieces along the way, overall, I am very happy to have a necklace with all my sons (including the newest one who does not arrive until the end of October!!) names upon it, embedded within hearts.  If you are new to stamping, I suggest ordering an extra Tag or find a similar metal to stamp upon to practice spacing and technique.SNN1

Wearing this necklace feels so special, with the names of my children kept close to my heart.SNN2

I love any metal that has been hammered!  Here is the new Hammered Flat Tag Long Narrow Single Hole in Antique Silver.  I stamped the letters onto the pieces, spelling out the names of my 2 boys and soon to be born, third boy: Taso, Abe, and Azrael.  I placed Nunn Hearts in Gold and Copper at the top and in between each Tag.  The hearts are also stampable.  Admittedly, this necklace was an exercise in complete letting go and creativity as many of the ideas I had for hanging the tags just did not work out.  In the end, I strung 15/0 Delica beads in a matching color to the Amethyst Vintaj Patina that I used to color the stampings and made an impromptu bail.

SNN3The Woodland Toggle Ring and Toggle Bar are one of my very favorite Nunn Design clasps.  I have to warn you, though!  This is not the best clasp for anyone with long hair, even if you have it pulled up!  I found this necklace becoming caught often throughout the day in my hair and will be swapping it out.  I cannot wait to find the perfect bracelet to use this clasp on 🙂

Shown at the ends of the Hand-dyed 1/4″ Silk Cording in Abalone are the amazing Rustic Crimp Tubes in Antique Silver.  These components are very satisfying for providing a simple finished ending to a raw material; such as silk, leather or cording.

Just place your stringing material into the tube, crimp the center area tightly and you have a finished end with a loop to attach your clasp.


Now that you have seen what I can do with our new Nunn Design components, what will you do?

Created especially for Bello Modo by Wild Human Designs.

Wild Human Designs offers tutorials through the Bello Modo blog and is always available for custom orders!


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