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Honey Bee Drop Earrings

Here’s another example of how using Crystal Clay can make it easy to construct a showy set of earrings.

Crystal Clay is a two-part resin epoxy clay, mix equal parts of each part together until the color is well mixed and then you have an hour or so to use it before it begins hardening. It hardens to a rock hard state within a couple of hours and anything embedded or sandwiched together with it will be connected forever.


The little bee cabochons are a perfect fit for the Nunn Design Ornate Bezel, sitting right on top of the edge. The Crystal Clay makes this kind of installation a breeze. Just fill the bezel with clay so that the bottom of the cab comes into solid contact with the clay. Press together and give it time to solidify.

Once the bezels are ready go ahead and add beads, drops, charms of your choice. I chose to use 4mm Bicones in Light Grey Opal Brandy and Nunn Design Faceted Teardrop Beads. Add ear wires and you have a nice pair of earrings for honey bee lovers!

This technique would work with small buttons too. Lots of possibilities!

Supply List

  • Crystal Clay (any color as it will not show)
  • Ornate Two loop Small Bezels finish of your choice
  • Faceted Teardrop Beads
  • 4mm 5328 bicones in Light Grey Opal Brandy
  • 2 headpins
  • 2 eyepins
  • a pair of ear wires


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