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Be a Blessing Necklace

Lately, it has been important to be to surround myself with beautiful pictures and positive affirmations.


I find much inspiration from my involvement in Brave Girls Club, a very fun and empowering creation of sisters Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins.  Essentially, they put out lots of artwork and classes geared towards healing the soul through creative journaling and mixed media art projects.  The artwork I incorporated into this necklace was found through a simple Google search of “brave girls club”


I resized it to fit the Nunn Design Ornate Large Pendant Square Bezel, printed it on the laser printer, and used Gel du Soleil to create a glass like finish over the image.  This is a simple process that includes a few steps.  First, lightly coat the bezel with Nunn Design Silicone Glue and firmly smooth the image onto it.  Let dry for a few moments and then paint a thin layer of the glue onto the image.  This must dry thoroughly, so it is ideal to let it dry overnight, or at least an hour or two, before filling with resin.

Once the glue dries (and it will dry clear!) slowly drip the Gel du Soliel into the bezel, using a clean toothpick to gently move the gel around so it meets the edges completely and is evenly spread over the image.  I prefer to use just enough to coat the image fully and then place it in the sun or under a UV Lamp.  Let it cure for at least 20 minutes.  Repeat this step with a second layer of resin.  I find that using thinner coats of resin results in a higher quality finished piece without bubbles.

The creative path of this necklace included not only a desire to use new Nunn Design pieces, but also to get some strands of a beautiful (new to me) semi-precious stone off my desk that have been sitting idle while I contemplate what sort of jewelry they could become!  We recently ordered in a new batch of semi-precious stone beads and the one called Apatite caught my eye.  Blue Apatite, like many gems and minerals is thought to have certain metaphysical and spiritual attributes.  Apatite has a variety of aspects and there are a few that perfectly relate to the energy that I hoped to create with this necklace.  Blue Apatite is said to be a strong stone that encourages one to be of service (be a blessing!) in a humanitarian way, accept yourself as you really are, and to gain greater self confidence.  Perfect!  The apatite is strung and knotted on C-Lon Tex 400 Cord in Red and each end is tied tightly to the last piece of Nunn Design Large Loop Cable Chain  on either side of the necklace.  The construction of this necklace would work equally well with any 8mm Round Glass or Stone bead.


Looking towards the new Summer 2015 Nunn Design components, I was drawn to the adorable Itsy Circle Heart Charms and Hummingbird Charms. Hummingbirds have a plethora of spiritual meaning, including love and fearlessness.  They are thought to remind us to be resilient and to expend our energy wisely.  These charms add a perfect touch to liven up the necklace and make it more interesting.  I used Nunn Design 9mm Textured Oval Jump Rings to attach the charms and pendant to the chain.  To finish the necklace, I used the Hammered Toggle Ring and Hammered Toggle Bar, also attached to the chain using a single oval jump ring on either side of the necklace.

I love my new necklace and the message and inspiration I feel and send when I wear it!  What inspirational pieces have you created?

Design by Ashley of Wild Human for Bello Modo

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