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Earthy Studded Leather Bracelet



LB3I love this bracelet!!!  It is earthy and subdued, yet fierce with the mini studs and giant metal magnetic clasp.  To put it together is a snap!


1 x 60mm Flat Smooth Magnetic Clasp – Antique Silver

30″ (for a 7″ wrist) x 5mm Flat Studded Arizona Leather – Black

30″ (for a 7″ wrist) x 5mm Flat Studded Arizona Leather – Forest Green

30″ (for a 7″ wrist) x 5mm Flat Studded Arizona Leather – Saddle

Super New Glue

Leather Cutter

Measuring Tape

  • Measure your wrist.  There are a couple of things to think about here: 1) the clasp measures 22mm wide and 2) you may want the leather at the top of the cuff slightly longer as arms widen as they go up towards the shoulder.  Come up with the measurement that works for you.  I ended up ordering a half-inch per strip extra of each color so that I could have some room to play.
  • Each color is used 4 times, so if you need 7 inches for your wrist, you need to order 30 inches of each color (this includes the extra 2 inches for play).
  • Using a leather cutter or strong scissors, cut each piece in 4 equal lengths.
  • Decide how you want the colors to lay in the bracelet.
  • Drip Super New Glue into one side of the magnetic clasp and add the leather strips one-by-one.  Be sure that they are in there firmly and, if you like, add a small amount of glue into the clasp from the backside.  Super New Glue will slightly discolor leather,  it is important to add any reinforcement glue you feel is needed from the back.
  • Let this sit until cured, about 10 minutes.
  • Now, you can try on the bracelet and see if you need to make adjustments to the leather length.  Cut any strips if necessary and repeat the steps for gluing the strips into the other side of the clasp.  Be sure your clasp is properly oriented!
  • Finished 🙂


Created especially for Bello Modo by Wild Human Designs.

Wild Human Designs offers tutorials through the Bello Modo blog and is always available for custom orders!



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