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C-Lon Cord Giveaway


Update 8/24/15:

Congratulations to Bead Cool! You Won!!!

And Thank You to everyone who entered… more giveaways to come 🙂


We are Giving Away a whole set of C-Lon Cord, 115 Spools!!! One lucky winner will receive one of each color of C-Lon Cord!


We are celebrating our 9th Anniversary this week 🙂 Part of our way of saying Thank You and sending out our appreciation to all of our loyal customers is by having our biggest giveaway to date!

Best wishes!

The Team @ Bello Modo

7 thoughts on “C-Lon Cord Giveaway

  1. Χρόνια πολλα και Καλά για να μας προσφέρεται και καμία φορά να μας χαριζετε τόσα ωραία πράγματα.τα αγγλικά μου δεν είναι και τόσο καλά γι’αυτο γράφω στα ελληνικά .περιμένω να σταματήσουν τα προβλήματα με τις τράπεζες από Ελλάδα για να συνεχίσω τις παραγγελίες μου ,ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ


  2. Reblogged this on Enchanting Accents and commented:
    Number 1: I honestly hope I win this.
    Number 2: This is super awesome of Bello Modo to have this huge giveaway!!! This is one of my favorite threads to work with.

    Thank you, Bello Modo for the extremely awesome giveaway.

    Happy 9th Anniversary!!!


  3. Bello Modo, first: Happy 9th Anniversary!!! You have a fabulous online store and exceptional customer service and amazing stock with outstanding quality items. I love shopping with your company.
    Next, thank you for this extraordinary giveaway. This is HUGE!!! I really hope I win it honestly, sorry I know that is super greedy of me, but hey I am being honest at least.
    Thanks for all you do for us artists and jewelry makers.
    Heather of Enchanting Accents


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