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Mosaic Earrings

I don’t know about you, but I often end up with a lot of extra materials in my jewelry studio that sit around for way too long. A while back I had purchased a good handful of the rectangle mini links for another project and I never used them all. I’ve had a goal this last year to start using up some of the materials that I’ve had with me for way too long, and it’s been fun challenging myself to do new things with them! These earrings were one of my favorites that I’ve come up with through this process.


I’m a big fan of all the gorgeous finishes that the Czech glass beads come in and I thought the CzechMates Two-Holed Bricks  and the CzechMates Two-Holed Tiles or Squares would create a great mosaic look in the bezels. With the help of a little Crystal Clay, I was able to make that happen easily!


A note on the materials used: I’m listing exactly what I have used for each pair of earrings, but feel free to make your own combination of finishes in metal, colors in Crystal Clay, and colors/finishes of Czech beads…. the opportunity for awesome combinations is endless!

Pair #1 – Silver w/ heart drop

Pair #2 – Gold Single loop/no drop


  1. Mix your 2 parts of epoxy clay together well as stated in the directions on the package. Use less than the size of a pea in your bezel. Use your finger to smash it in the bezel and level it out nicely. You want the clay to not quite fill up the bezel entirely, or you’ll have some overflow when you add the beads. Almost fill it, and level out the clay into a nice flat surface.
  2. Take the Czech Beads of your choosing, 4 Two-Holed Bricks and 1 Two-Holed Tiles or Squares for each bezel, and gently push them into the clay in the bezel as pictured, or in a different arrangement of your choice. Just a gentle push. You only want them to be about ½ way into the clay.
  3. Allow this to cure.
  4. Attach your earwire to the top loop of the bezel, and if you are using the double link bezels, use a jump ring to attach a drop to the end!

That’s it!


You can customize this style in so many ways to your liking. The finishes and shapes of beads available are abundant, and there’s different sizes and shapes of bezels to use. As always, I encourage you to use the materials that you are drawn to using and make it uniquely your own!

Have fun creating!



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