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Handmade Leather Phone or Camera Straps

Do you need a stylish strap for your phone or camera? Consider making one, they are easy to put together and you can choose the type of leather or style and color!


Imagine your phone or camera on one of these beauties!




Try the leather out in the clasp end to make sure you like the length of the finish strap. Trim it down if you want it to be a bit shorter.

Fold the leather in two and slip on the slider .

Apply 2-3 drops of Super New Glue into the clasp piece and place the ends of the leather, folded over with both ends together into the glue, making sure the leather is seated against the bottom of the clasp end. Hold it for 30 seconds or so until it seems partly stable. At this point you can lay it on the table to finish curing. Give it 10 minutes or so to finish curing.

Attach the lobster clasp with a jump ring and you are done!

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