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Druzy Bracelet

When I saw Pam’s Druzy earrings, I knew I had to make myself something gorgeous with these amazing beads.  We have several colors in stock and I thought I would look up some color meanings to help me choose.  I read about color meanings at this webpage, and decided on the sparkly peachy/champagne Druzy bead that we have here at Bello modo.


This bracelet is one of those super easy to put together pieces that turns out absolutely stunning!  The high quality components from Nunn Design and the sparkly Druzy pendant beads certainly help accomplish this task!

Here is what you need to make this bracelet:

6 x 12mm Coin Druzy Beads

6 x Ornate Mini Pendant Circle

1 pack x Jump Ring 9mm – Textured Oval (You will need 7 jump rings)

1 pack x Jump Ring 8mm – Large (You will need 2 jump rings)

1 pack x Jump Ring 4.5mm – Small (You will need 1 jump ring)

1 x 15mm Lobster Clasp

1 x Super New Glue


First, drip a few drops of glue into a bezel and place a druzy bead into it, spin it around a couple times to be sure that the glue has dispersed and let sit.  Repeat with the other 5 bezels.  Let sit for one hour.

Next, attach one 8mm jump ring to a textured oval jump ring and attach that to the first bezel.  Then add a textured ring to the other side of the bezel and continue until you add the last textured ring to the second side of the last bezel.  You nearly have a bracelet now!

To finish, attach an 8mm jump to the last textured jump ring, add one 4.5mm jump ring, and finally, attach the 4.5mm jump ring onto the lobster clasp.  Complete!


Enjoy your bracelet and please do send us photos of any bracelets or jewelry you have made with inspiration from this tutorial.


Created especially for Bello Modo by Wild Human Designs.

Wild Human Designs offers tutorials through the Bello Modo blog and is always available for custom orders!



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