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Pirate Booty Giveaway

Update 9/24/15:

Congratulations to Elizabeth Dombroski and Phyllis Collins you’ve won some Pirate Booty!

Send an email to and give us your current shipping address so that we can send you your treasure!

And, Thanks to everyone for playing!


Ahoy, me hearty!

Yo-ho-ho… We’re celebratin’ Talk Like A Pirate Day over here and have two Bags of Pirate Booty to Giveaway to a couple o’ matey’s.


Avast Ye, and write your pirate name in the comments below (or on Facebook) to be entered.

Yer name must be in by Monday (September 21st midnight PST) to be eligible… Savvy?


63 thoughts on “Pirate Booty Giveaway

  1. Ah… being from a jewelry site and therefore related somewhat to fashion, I skimmed over the word “booty” and misunderstood the context.
    Now that I know it’s PIRATE’s booty, I’d like to enter in 🙂


  2. My new pirate name is Mad Bones Barnacle . . . I love it! I love all things beaded and have purchased from you several times so far. You always have exactly what I’m looking for and in lots of available colors. Argh, Mateys!


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