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Make a Blingy Ring with Deep Bezel Rings and Swarovski Stones

Every gal needs a bling ring! Perfect to wear out with the girl’s, or to an evening cocktail party! Fun! Blingy! and a conversation starter. It’s especially nice when you can say you made it yourself.

Swarovski’s Solaris stone is a perfect fit for Nunn Design’s large Deep Bezel Ring.

BR1The 23mm stone is 8 sided but still fits and looks good in the round ring bezel.


This color is called Crystal Lilac Shadow, a favorite of mine! We currently only have this color in stock, (hey, a girl has to buy in her fav first!) but can order other colors or finishes in. Email me if you want to talk about this:



Mix an equal amount of the two parts of Crystal Clay together until the color is solid (follow the directions that come with the clay). Once you have it mixed, fill the ring bezel to about 1/2 full and try the stone in it. Add or subtract till the stone sits just right in the bezel.

Trim and tidy around the edge of the stone, removing any clay that is poking out. A toothpick is a really useful tool for this. Take a look at the ring and determine if it’s level and in the right position.

When you like how its positioned take a baby wipe and gently wipe all finger prints and clay residue from the stone.

Set it aside to cure, giving it an hour or two to be totally setup and then wear it with pride!

Next post: Making a Bling Ring part two.

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