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Make The Go-To Necklace

Having a nice black necklace that you love to wear in your collection is essential. I wear a lot of black , so this one gets  a lot of wear!


I’m curious… how much jewelry do you have compared to clothing in your closet? If you are anything like me, you may have a bit too much of both. I generally only wear a small portion of my jewelry most often, just like the clothes in my closet. There are always the ‘go-to’ pieces that I wear a lot, and this necklace is one of those pieces for me. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret. You can take a Circle Grande Pendant,  a 1 & ¼” Czech Glass Button, some Epoxy, and you’ve got yourself a pendant 🙂 The combinations you could make are virtually endless. 

Below are the materials and instructions for this necklace but as always, I invite you to switch up the materials you use to suite your taste! See below for some ideas.



  1. Use wire snippers and snip the metal shank off of the back of the button, then take a metal file and file it down so what is remaining of the metal shank is at least flush with the back of the button. You can tell this by laying it down on a flat table.
  2. Mix your two parts of epoxy together, use a toothpick (or something similar) to put a dime sized amount inside the bezel, and about the same on the back of the button. The key is get get a fair amount of epoxy in to be sure there is a solid connection, but not to much that it flows out of the bezel when you put the button in the bezel. Before the epoxy dries and hardens, you can spin the button around and be sure that it is placed in the bezel just how you want it. Set it aside and let it harden/dry before completing the necklace.  
  3. Cut two lengths of chain: one being 9” and the other being 5” (this will make about an 18” necklace. If you want it longer or shorter adjust accordingly).
  4. Cut three pieces of wire each 1&¼” long. Create  a simple loop on one end of each.  Put a metal bead, a crystal, then another metal bead on each piece of wire, then end it with a simple loop, trimming any excess wire as needed to create three complete links.
  5. Open your five links of Large Textured Cable Chain with pliers just as you would  a jump-ring. Open two links of your Small Textured Cable Chain as you would a jump-ring (these chains are not fused, so you can easily use the links just as you would a jump-ring). Use a link of the small chain to attach a link of the large chain to the bail/loop on your pendant. Assemble the beaded links you created with the chain links as shown in the picture, using a large link in between each beaded link.
  6. Finish the necklace off by attaching the shorter length of chain to the end of the side with beads on it and the longer length of chain to the other side. Attach both parts of your toggle clasp to the ends of the necklace.

That’s it!


Feel free to alter what materials you use to suite your own style! This is why we love making jewelry right?

  • Use a different: crystal, metal finish, button or clasp.
  • I am a big fan of making necklaces asymmetrical with the beads on just one side. You can certainly make this symmetrical by putting beads on both sides.
  • Or, maybe you want to skip the beads and keep it simple with just the chain?

Happy creating everyone!


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