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Large Czech Button Filigree Wrap Necklace

Since I am so fond of the Czech Glass Buttons, I have found many ways to incorporate them into jewelry. This one is a favorite of mine. I really love the look of a little bit of Gold mixed in with the Vintaj Natural Brass. Add in the Gorgeous Red of this button, and I think this piece is really pleasing to the eyes!


As always, remember all the ways you can vary this design. There are a number of buttons to choose from in this same swirl design, just different colors. Here are some other round buttons in the same size including my favorite… the dragonfly buttons. You can also have fun playing with different filigrees.



  1. Bend the four corners of the filigree to wrap around the button. Use a Nylon Jaw Pliers to tighten the corners down onto the button. You can watch the Video Here where I give instructions on doing this for another necklace. With the Princess Cut Filigree, I bent every-other corner down around the button, leaving the other four flat.
  2. Cut your chain into two pieces, 9” long each. Attach one end of each of the chains to one of the corners of the filigree that you left unbent as shown in the picture. The Etched Cable Chain in not fused so you are able to open and close the links of it just like a jump-ring. If you prefer, you can use jumprings to attach them.
  3. Again, I opened the links of the chain to attach both pieces of the toggle clasp to either end. You could also use jump-rings for this if you choose.



  • Make the necklace longer or shorter to suit your needs.
  • Choose whatever kind of chain you are drawn to using.
  • And again, feel free to use a different button of the same size!

Happy Creating!



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