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Suede and Stone Bracelet

We recently got in some gorgeous flat suede that is super soft and supple. We also ordered some new gemstones and the Red Creek Jasper really caught my eye. The colors are earthy, beautiful and remind me of the Southwest.


I decided to add in some Labradorite to tie it all together.

Instructions are for a 7.5″ bracelet.




  1. Cut two 12.5″ pieces of suede. Slip one of the 10mm jump-rings onto one of the pieces of suede, then fold the suede in half. The jump ring will sit in the fold. Then crimp the two loose ends together with a foldover crimp end. Repeat for the other piece of suede.
  2. Create three strands of beads (one with the labradorite and one of each size of red creek jasper) measure your wrist as you go so that it is the right length for you. Use wire protectors, crimp beads and crimp covers on both ends.
  3. One end will have a 10mm jump-ring with all of the following attached: lobster clasp, one end of each of the three strands of beads (just put the wire protector directly onto the jump-ring), and attach the foldover crimp ends to the 10mm jump-ring with a 5.25mm jump-ring.
  4. The other end will be the 12mm Heavy Rope jump-ring with all of the following attached: each piece of suede with the 10mm jump-ring, and attach each end of the beads to the heavy rope with a 7.25mm jump-ring.

That’s it!

Have Fun,


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