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Posh Leather Earrings & Leather Wrap Bracelet

I love Swarovski’s 5040 Princess Cut beads—love them! This set makes good use of them, creating bling along with the cool and casual look of leather: a very good combination.

It’s fall, and the maroon-colored leather seems perfect for autumn fashion, especially this year. With the Pantone color of the year being Marsala, there will be lots of coordinating fashions choices by now.

What do you think? What unexpected materials have you paired Swarovski crystals with?


I spotted the inspiration for this set in an English beading magazine called Beads & Beyond. The article was about the artist Charlotte Rosser and her designs. Both the magazine and Charlotte’s designs are quite nice. 

I was taken by the understated elegance of the leather earrings—so easy, but with the crystal bead it was stepped up a notch. And the wrap bracelet was a breeze to put together.  I used a soft suede leather—Charlotte used a different leather in hers. Otherwise I followed her directions, but used a different mix of beads in mine.


For the Earrings

These are a breeze to make:

  1. Cut four pieces of the suede: two about 2-3/4″ and two about 4-1/4″. Trim them to suit yourself, cutting the tail at an angle for effect, maybe a V or even flat—whatever works for you.
  2. Pairing together a long strip and a short strip, add the fold-over crimps to one end of the two strips of leather. Repeat for the other two strips of leather.
  3. Wire wrap the beads with a wrapped loop on both ends.
  4. Using a jump ring, attach the leather strips to the wrapped loop.
  5. Add ear wires to the other end of the wire-wrapped beads, and you are done!


For the Bracelet

  1. Add the fold-over crimps to one end of each of the three strips of leather, then connect them together with a jump ring.
  2. Add your mix of beads to the wire, making wrapped loops on each end. The final mix fit comfortably across the top of my wrist.
  3. Open the jump ring and add one side of the wire-wrapped beads. At this point, check the leather length by wrapping it around your wrist comfortably and trimming off any excess, if necessary. I wrapped my bracelet three times around my wrist and ended trimming off about 2″.
  4. Add the fold-over crimps on the other set of leather ends. Use a jump ring to connect all three, same as you did on the first side, adding in the lobster clasp.
  5. The lobster clasp hooks into the wrapped loop on the wire-wrapped bead set, and that’s it!

Charlotte’s is slightly different. The magazine appears to be the only place I can find the design but you can check out more of her work on her Facebook page. It was the October edition of the magazine, and the article on Charlotte’s work was titled “Autumnal Arches.”


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