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Sweet Gift Idea: Honey Bee Set

Nunn Design components and Crystal Clay are a perfect match! This set is an excellent example. Nunn Design components match nicely, making it possible to construct a set that coordinates. Crystal Clay, soft and pliable at first later hards to a rock like state.


1 package Crystal Clay, color your choice (samples done in Sage)
1 bottle assorted Chatons in Topaz

1 Mini Ornate Connector Bezel
1 Hook & Eye clasp set
18″ Cable Chain
3-4″ 20 or 22ga gold wire
1 mini aster brass stamping
1 Faceted Metal Drop
2 5000 6mm Topaz
1 Faceted Metal Rondelle
4 3mm crystal bicones

1 Large Ornate Ring
1 Honey Bee

one set of ornate post earring bezels
2 mini aster brass stamping
2 6mm 5328 Topaz bicones
2 3mm Chrysolite bicones
20 or 22ga wire appx 4″ cut into 2 pieces
2 Honey Bees

Tools Needed:
Round and Chain or Flat Nose Pliers
Chaton setter (optional)
Hole Puch Pliers


Start by mixing the clay. Take equal parts of both A and B and blend together, following the package directions. Once the color is totally blended you can begin using it. Pull off a piece that looks good for each bezel, round it a bit in the palms of our hands and then press into the bezel. You want it to be slightly domed, a bit high in the bezel, but use your own best judgement.

Now, open the bottle of chatons, pour them out and divide into portions for each bezel, the ring, the earrings, and the necklace.

starting with the necklace press one small aster into the center and ring with chatons. A setting tool will help, or the toothpick with wax, softened in your fingers will work fine. Use the warmed wax tip to pick up the chatons on the front side and then to seat them where you want them to reside, pressing in with a finger. Smooth the clay, making sure any that is over the edge of the bezel edge is removed and smoothed out.

Next, take the piece of wire and using our round nose pliers, make a wrapped loop on one end, adding it to the bottom loop of the bezel before finishing the wraps. Add a 6mm bicone, a 3mm round, a faceted metal roundelle, a 3mm round, a 6mm bicone, and finally a 3mm round. Create the ending wire wrapped loop adding a faceted drop before wrapping.

Finally add the chain to the upper loop on the bezel with a small jump ring, and add the clasp pieces to eace end of the chain, completing the necklace.

For the ring: Press the Bee into the center and then add the chatons, pressing them in with your finers. Smooth and touch up the edges as with the necklace bezel. A bab wipe can be very useful here, to polish any clay residue off the chatons, bees, and the edges.

Fore the earrings: Press the flower into the center and then ring with chatons, as before. Wipe up and then using the wire make a wrapped loop in the ring on the bezel, add one 3mm round, one 6mm bicone, and one 3mm round then create a loop on the other end, adding in the bee. Note: The bees need to have holes cut in the wing to hang from as they don’t come with them. Use a pair of hole punch pliers, or a hole setting tool to accomplish this.

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