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Mix & Match Regaliz Licorice Leather Keychains


Chunky keychains can be a polarizing topic—you either love them (they make finding your keys so easy!) or hate them (so chunky!). Either way, I think these keychains are eye-catching and beautiful. They’re a great place to play with color combinations.

With so many colors of leather and O-rings to choose from, plus a huge selection of charms and sliders, the possibilities are endless. Also, all licorice leather and ceramic sliders are 25% off this week at Bello Modo!






  1. Slide your slider to the center of your piece of leather.
  2. Add O-rings on either side to hold it in place.
  3. Use Super New Glue to glue end clasps onto each end of the leather and let dry.



4. Use 6mm textured jump rings to attach your charms to one of the end clasps.

5. Use a smooth 8mm jump ring to attach your key ring or lobster clasp to the other end clasp.



Chunky keychains—love ’em or hate ’em? What are your favorite color combinations? Let us know in the comments!

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