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Braided Leather Cowgirl Bracelet


I wish you could reach through your screen to feel the amazing combination of textures in this bracelet. It’s made with leather and a Ginger Steel ceramic slider, both of which are 25% off through Friday!

This color combination reminds me a little of Western wear, like bolo ties and bridles, but you could also switch the colors of the leather and the slider for all sorts of looks.






  1. Fold your leather in half and slide the oval half of the clasp over both strands of the leather to make an inch-long loop at one end.
  2. Slide two O-rings over both strands of the leather.
  3. Slide the slider onto the leather.
  4. Slide the other two O-rings onto the leather and then gently center the slider and O-rings to the center of the bracelet.


5. Dry fit the other ends of the leather into the T-Bar clasp and try the bracelet on. If the length is right, glue the T-Bar clasp on securely. Make sure you glue the clasp on in the correct direction: the flat oval should face up (see the picture below).


That’s it! Let your bracelet dry and then try it on. It’s a great mix of casual and dressy, don’t you think?

Have you checked out the Ginger Steel sliders? Which is your favorite?

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