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Stag Pendant Necklace

We love Green Girl Studios findings and this necklace features a lovely Stag Pendant from Green Girl. With the holidays coming up, this necklace seems right on target!


Tools needed:

  • A good set of pliers, both round nose and flat or chain nose, I recommend Wubbers
  • 1 Step Looper Pliers  , you can also make your own loops but this tool makes it sooo much easier!
  • Cutters



You have a lot of options about how to construct this necklace, how many beads to add etc, we added a  series of sets of beads on the eye pins. You could add them in a different configuration, use larger or different sized beads and it would still look great.

So, to duplicate our example:  using an eye pin put on 3 beads then using the 1 Step Loopers or with round nose pliers turn the straight end of the eye pin into a loop. The tool trims it automatically, saving time and frustration. Repeat 3 more times so you have 4 sets. Do the same with one bead per eye pin 6 times and finally one set of two beads.

Next cut your chain into the following lengths:

  • 1 – 2″ piece
  • 8 – 1″ pieces
  • 2 – 8″ pieces


Using the 2″ piece of chain find the center and attach one end of the eye pin with the 2 beads on it to the center. Open the loop on the other end to attach the Stag pendant, closing securely.

Attach one of the eye pin sets with one bead to each end of the chain, then attach one of the 1″ pieces of chain to each one of the eye pin components.

Now, continue up the line (on both sides) with an eye pin component with 3 beads, attaching one to each side, then add a 1″ piece of chain. Following the example in the image, next would be a single bead component, 1″ chain piece, 3 bead component, then a 1″ piece of chain and finally the last set of single components.

Finally attach the 8″ pieces of chain to each side and with a jump ring attach the toggle on one side and the bar on the other side. Voila! Done! There you have it, a lovely necklace made with a zen-like process.

Editor’s Note: Some people prefer to use two jump rings when attaching the toggle and bar both for effect and safety, this would be your choice.

If you need more info on any of this please email me at and I will be happy to answer any questions! Enjoy!

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