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Jade & Copper Circles Necklace


I notice a lot of artists have a shape they come back to again and again—for me, it’s circles. Just can’t get enough of ’em. So this necklace, which uses jade round beads and circular Vintaj tags, is my personal jewelry heaven. (Plus all round beads, including stone, crystal, and glass, are 25% off through Wednesday!)

I’ve been noticing a lot of beautiful jewelry on the internet featuring a toggle clasp as a focal point of the necklace, so I decided to give that a try—but in the grand tradition of maximalism, I ended up loading on so much beautiful stuff that the clasp became non-functional and purely decorative. I really like how it gives some gravity and interesting structure to the pendant anyway.


Keep reading for materials, instructions, and more photos!




  1. On a copper headpin, place a round bead and a beadcap, then make a loop. Repeat two more times until you have 3 drops.
  2. Place both Vintaj circles on a jumpring.
  3. Add your drops to the jump ring as well, arranging them so they lay flat on top of the circles.


(These next few steps are a little tricky, so look carefully.)

4. Place the bar of the toggle clasp through the ring.

5. Keeping the bar through the ring, slip the loop of the bar onto the jumpring. From front to back, the order of the things on the jumpring should go: toggle bar, the three stone drops, small circle, large circle.

6. Close the jumpring. The toggle ring should be sandwiched between the toggle bar and the rest of the pendant, as you can see in the lower right-hand picture.


7. Using another jumpring, attach the toggle ring to the middle of the chain.

8. Use a jumpring to attach the lobster clasp to one end of the chain.

9. Add a jump ring to the other end of the chain for the lobster clasp to clip into.



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