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Bellflower Crystal Earrings Tutorial


When it comes to Swarovski colors, I love Indian Pink. That’s the great thing about these new Tierracast earring post bezels: you can pick your own color to match an accessory or a bead you already have. In this case, I chose Indian Pink to match these Pink Sherbert Czech glass bellflower beads.

I think earrings are like fishing lures, so of course they should dangle and move! These are a great blend of a beautiful bezel-set earring with something more. Also, all Tierracast is 25% off this week!





  1. Glue your crystals into the earring bezels and let dry.


2. Slide one heishi, one bellflower, and one 2mm round bead onto a headpin.

3. Form a wrapped loop to make a bellflower drop. Repeat five more times for a total of six drops.

4. Using a jump ring, attach three bellflower drops to the loop of an earring bezel.


5. Repeat for your second earring. Add earring backs and stick a fork in it—you’re done!


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