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Tierracast Golden Layers Necklace


Layered necklaces—so hot right now (say that in your best Mugatu voice). I decided to jump on this delicate trend using the new line of gold Tierracast charms, which are part of our 25% off product focus this week. Faceted Nunn Design beads and dainty Swarovski pearls in an unexpected coral round out the other layers.


Swapping out the letter charm and choosing a favorite color of pearls makes this project versatile and adaptable for gifts. Our seed bead manager Lindsey has already quickly laid claim to this necklace, based on the fact that her name does start with an L. I mean, can’t argue with logic like that.






  1. Slide one faceted metal bead onto an eye pin, then form a loop on the other side. Repeat two more times for a total of three.
  2. Cut two 1.25″ lengths of chain. Link the eye pins of your faceted beads directly to each end of these lengths.
  3. Cut two 8.5″ lengths of chain and link these to the eye pins of your left- and right-hand faceted beads. You have now made the uppermost “layer.”


4. Slide the eleven pearls onto an eye pin and make a loop at other end.

5. Use your fingers to gently bend the eye pin.

6. Cut two 10.5″ lengths of chain and use jump rings to attach them to each side of the eye pin. You have now made the second “layer.”


7. Glue your flatback crystal into your stepped bezel. Once dry, slide all three of your charms onto your bar.

8. Cut two 12″ lengths of chain and use jump rings to attach them to each end of the bar.


9. Lay your layers out flat, then use a jump ring to attach the ends of the chains to your toggle bar and ring. Make sure that your chains are not twisted and that your layers are in the following order: longest layer on the bottom, middle layer in the middle, shortest layer on top.

Carefully put your necklace on, and you’re finished! When you’re done wearing it, be sure to hang it on a hook or doorknob so it doesn’t tangle.

Happy Beading,



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