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Vintaj XL Jump Rings, Two Ways (All Vintaj 25% Off through 12/11)


Today we have two tutorials in one post, highlighting a simple but fantastic Vintaj component. The unremarkable name—Vintaj 20.5mm Smooth Jump Rings—doesn’t fully illustrate just how versatile and beautiful these extra-large jump rings are.

As I spend more and more time poking around art bead blogs, I’ve noticed that large oxidized metal rings like this play a big part in many makers’ jewelry. I wanted to try out a couple ways of playing with them on my own. The extra large jump rings come in packs of four, so a single pack is enough to make both of these projects.

Scrappy Circles Earrings

The first project, these Scrappy Circles Earrings, were inspired by the enormous, basketball-sized glass bowl full of leftover beads we have here at the shop. Running my fingers through it one day, I was amazed by what good stuff was in there, and the new color combinations presented themselves from seeing everything mixed together like that.ScrappyCircleEarrings

So I drove the bowl home (praying it wouldn’t spill all over my car) and spent the night at my work table picking through handfuls of beads until I’d found my favorites. I also mixed brass and black metal components for a new take on a mixed metallic look, and to highlight the scrappiness of these earrings.

If you’ve been beading for any time at all, you’ve probably got some bags or bins like that—try making these earrings to use up the beautiful leftovers you couldn’t let go of.







  1. Pick out your choices of beads: I went with a combination of purples, golds/oranges, and whites.
  2. Using your head pins, make six drops for each earring. I also cut head pins into jump rings for some of the beads.
  3. Add your drops to your brass rings.
  4. Keep playing with beads, colors, and lengths of drops around until you’re happy. This is my third or fourth iteration—the challenge was balancing the colors and proportions of both earrings so that they coordinated.



5. Use two of the smaller brass jump rings to attach your ear wire to the larger brass ring.

These earrings are beautiful, quirky, and surprisingly light. I know just the friend who’s getting them for Christmas.

Brass and Lace Pendant

This second project is a combination of elegance and boho. I’d been eyeing these subtle lace lucite pendants for a long time, but wasn’t sure what connector to pair them with. One of the extra large brass jump rings turned out to be the perfect fit, its openness echoing the openness of the lace pendant. I used the full two feet of chain for a long pendant necklace, but you can cut yours shorter to your taste.






  1. Using your 24GA wire, carefully wire wrap the pendant to the jump ring through the top two openings of the pendant. Adjust as necessary, then twist and tuck ends.


2. Cut your chain in half to make two 12″ pieces.

3. Use two of smaller jump rings to attach the chain pieces to the larger ring.

4. Attach the lobster clasp to the free end of one chain and a small jump ring to other.




Very Stevie Nicks, somehow.

Which project do you like more? Have you used large rings like this in your jewelry before? What are you favorite projects for leftover beads?

As always, we love to hear from you, and please let us know if you have any questions!

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