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Raw Crystal Hanger Necklace


I was wandering the aisles of the shop, petting beads (as one does), when I came across an item I’d never seen before: these raw crystal points. They are gorgeous! I love all stones, but there’s something especially wonderful about working with the jagged and organic shapes of unpolished crystal.

Because we’re focusing on Vintaj this week, I played around with how to mix them with this Art Deco-style hanger, and wire wrapping turned out to be the surprise winner. It’s always fun to have that ah-ha moment where you figure out how to use a component in an unexpected way. As the final touch, I gently reliefed the Vintaj components to give them a subtle glow—I think it’s the perfect touch that makes the crystals pop. What do you think? Want to give it a try?




Optional, before assembling: Use a Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block to carefully sand and buff the hanger and faceted beads. This gives the brass more dimension, which is especially noticeable on the hanger. Be gentle: a little sanding goes a long way.



  1. Select your three center crystal points: the longest point and the two on either side of it.
  2. Cut a six-inch piece of the 24GA wire and use it to wire wrap the crystals to the hangar.
    1. Beginning with the left-hand loop of the hanger, wrap three times, leaving a tail.
    2. Pass through crystal. Adjust wire as necessary.
    3. Wrap three times around second-from-left loop.
    4. Pass through center crystal. Adjust wire, making sure wrap on hanger loop is tight and placed where you want it.
    5. Wrap three times around second-from-right hanger loop.
    6. Pass through third crystal. Adjust again as necessary.
    7. Wrap right-hand hanger loop three times.
    8. For both first and last wire-wrap loops, wrap wire a fourth time, cut flush, then use pliers to tuck tail.

RawCrystalSteps2 RawCrystalSteps3

3. Slide two faceted beads onto an eye pin and make loop to make a faceted bead link. Repeat for second link.

4. Connect both links to jump ring, then use a second jump ring to connect to hanger.

5. Cut chain in half to make two 12″ lengths of chain, then attach them directly to the faceted bead links.

6. Use jump ring to attach lobster clasp to the end of one of the lengths of chain. Attach a jump ring to end of the other length for the lobster clasp to clip into.



Pretty cool, huh? Have you worked with raw crystals before? Any wire wrapping tricks or tips?

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