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Palace Steps Earrings Tutorial | Swarovski Crystal & Antique Copper




One thing about working at Bello Modo is that you’ll see an item over and over again until you are obsessed with it. (If you’ve ever worked at a craft store, you know what I’m talking about.) For me, it was the Palace Green Opal crystals by Swarovski. There’s just something about them: they’re milky, moody, and subtle and I knew I had to make something.



The angle of these earrings reminds me of sweeping palace steps, hence the name. Two shades of copper all-metal seed beads set off the smoky emerald green crystal, and are echoed by the Nunn Design fine faceted ball chain and crimp ends. They are seriously luxurious and feel as good to wear as they look. Keep reading for instructions!





  1. On your first headpin, add beads as follows: 8/0 bead, 6/0 bead, 9 crystals, 6/0 bead, 8/0 bead.
  2. Make a loop on top of headpin.
  3. Repeat these steps for a total of five head pins, but use two less crystals for each pin. The headpins will have the same number of copper beads, but the following number of crystals: 9, 7, 5, 3, 1.


4. Add all five headpins to an eye pin, placing one 6/0 bead at either end and between each pin.

5. Make loop.

6. Cut two lengths of ball chain—17 ball-links or approximately 1″.

7. Crimp the ends of both chains in one ball crimp, then add a ball chain crimp to end of each chain. If you’ve never used ball chain crimp ends before, this tutorial by Nunn Design is very helpful.  The fine ball chain is a little loose in these crimp ends, but just be careful and patient. I crimped 1 ball of each chain in the top crimp end and 2 balls in each of the other ones for more security. For extra tidiness points, have the hinges of your bottom crimp ends point inward.

8. Use jump rings to attach the bottom crimp ends to the loops of the eye pin.

9. Use a jump ring to attach the ear wire to the top crimp end. I wanted my earrings to hang from front to back, with the shortest head pin in the front, rather than side to side—if you would prefer your earrings to hang the other direction, add another jump ring or attach the ear wire directly to the crimp end.

10. Repeat to make second earring.



What do you think? Is there a bead or material you can’t wait to work with?

5 thoughts on “Palace Steps Earrings Tutorial | Swarovski Crystal & Antique Copper

  1. Oh wow! Those are beautiful! I love the color crystal too! They look like fun to make! I’ve never used the ball chain connectors and never knew they exsisted! Super cool!


  2. I love earrings and will be making a pair with my favorite bead color too. As to your question about what bead I am looking forward to working with–I just recently discovered infinity beads!


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