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Garnet Lotus Earrings | DIY Tutorial


If you saw the Raw Crystal Hanger necklace from a couple weeks ago, you know that I love Vintaj connector components. So when I needed a last-minute Christmas present this week, I pulled out two of these lotus blossom connectors and played around until I settled on this garnet dagger and chain combination.

These are my favorite kind of project: a big statement piece but with simple, clean lines. Keep reading for instructions on how to make your own.









  1. Use jump rings to attach a dagger to every other link of the chain, leaving one link free at the beginning of your chain. Add 9 daggers total.
  2. Cut your chain so that you have one link free at each end.



3. Use flush cutters to very carefully clip the free link of chain on one end so that it can be opened and closed like a jump ring. Attach the link directly to one of the outer loops on the lotus connector. Overlap the link tightly on itself so it is secure. (If you want to be extra secure, you can use a jump ring to connect the chain instead of doing this process, but you’ll need to buy two packages of jump rings in order to have enough.)

4. Use a jump ring to attach a dagger directly to the same lotus connector loop that you just attached the chain to.



5. Repeat for the other side: attach the other side of the chain to the other outer lotus connector loop, then use a jump ring to attach a dagger to the loop.

6. Use a jump ring to attach a dagger to the center loop of the lotus connector.

7. Attach an ear wire directly to the top loop of the lotus connector.

8. Repeat steps for the second earring. After putting everything together I used a Vintaj reliefing block to subtly burnish the lotus connectors.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments, and send us a picture if you make a pair! Have you made any good earrings lately? Did you throw together any last-minute Christmas presents?


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