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Janet Necklace | Gold & Firepolish | DIY Tutorial

Today we have a guest post from Sylo, who processes orders and does customer service here at Bello Modo! If you’ve ever called us, Sylo may have been who you talked to on the phone. Here we go! 
This was the first necklace I’ve tried to make; I’m usually an earrings sort of person. But I had so much fun making this delicate and simple piece. I’ve been eyeing this Nunn Design Twig for a while, along with the Vintaj Willow Branches (maybe I’ll make some earrings from those in the future). I named this necklace after my mom because this was her Christmas present. Hope you like it, and happy crafting!



1. Cut two pieces of the faceted bead chain, to the length that you would like your necklace. I cut two pieces that were both 8.5″.
2. Attach the ball chain crimps to both ends of the two pieces of chain (you will use four ball chain crimps in total). This video from Nunn is helpful if you’re having trouble.
3. Grab your twig connector bar. Place the crimp ring under the connector ring of one end of the twig, so that they are lying on top of one another. Take one headpin, and thread it upwards through the two holes.
4. Using flat-nose pliers, bend the headpin toward the crimp. Pass it under the crimp, then bring it back up. Thread it back through the hole, this time going from top to bottom.
5. Bend slightly, so that the wire doesn’t stick out, and cut it off. You could also use a gold jump ring to attach the twig to the crimp connector, I just liked the way this looked more.
6. Do this one the other end of the twig as well, so the twig has the two pieces of chain attached on either end using the crimps.
7. To make the beaded parts around the clasp, I used the extra bits of the headpins that I had cut off attaching the twig to the crimp to make a beaded eye pin. If your pieces aren’t long enough, you could use another headpin, eye pin, or gold wire to make your own. I made a loop at one end of the headpin (which didn’t have a head on it anymore). I then put three of the 3mm Firepolishes onto it, and made a loop at the other end to keep them in place.
8. Make two of these beaded eye pins. Make one of the loops on one of them slightly larger, and twist the wire around the base to make the loop, to make that loop the strongest. That loop will hook into the lobster clasp.
9. Open up one end of each of the beaded eye pins, and attach it to the crimp loops on the Nunn chain.
10. Attach the lobster clasp to the very end of one of the beaded eyepins. You can now clasp the lobster clasp to the larger, stronger loop you made on the other eye pin.
11. Enjoy!


One thought on “Janet Necklace | Gold & Firepolish | DIY Tutorial

  1. This is a very nice project. I was surprised that I liked it. I am normally a bead person so I was just looking out of curiosity and glad I looked! This is truly a beautiful piece.


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