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A Very Dolly Valentine’s Day | DIY Earring Tutorial

These earrings may be for Valentine’s Day, but today we celebrate an equally important holiday: the birthday of the one and only Mrs. Dolly Parton. Not only is she smart, funny, and talented, the Smoky Mountain Songbird is also an amazing lady when it comes to love (married 49 years!) and to the wearing of all things sparkly.

I’d like to think Mrs. Parton would rock these gold and Swarovski crystal dangles this Valentine’s Day. The shop says calling them “Dolly Heart-on Earrings” is too bad a pun, but that can’t stop me from dedicating these earrings to Dolly, her unshakable sense of style, and all the belles out there bold enough to wear these jewels!


You will need:

You will also need a set of chain nose pliers and a set of flush cutters.




  1. To make the chain fringe, cut the following lengths of chain: two 5-link pieces, two 7-link pieces, two 9-link pieces, and one 11-link piece.
  2. Using jump rings, attach the chain to the bottom of the hexagon as follows, working outward:
    1. Attach the 11-link chain
    2. Attach the 9-link chains
    3. Attach the 7-link chains
    4. Attach the 5-link chains

For the true divas amongst us, you are welcome and encouraged to make the chain fringe even longer! You’ll want to order a second foot of chain if you want your fringe to be over 2.5″ long.



3. To attach the crystal hearts, you’re going to make your own tiny pinch bail. First, fold a headpin loosely in half. You don’t want a sharp bend—I folded mine over my finger so it would be rounded. You could also use the largest part of a pair of round nose pliers.

4. Using chain nose pliers, bend the sides of headpin inward. The bends should be approximately 3/8″ (9mm) from the center of the headpin.

5. Trim bent ends of head pin to a little less than 1/8″ (3mm).

6. Thread pinch bail through top loop of hexagon as pictured so that the prongs hang down into the hexagon.

7. Spread the bail wider if necessary, then position the crystal heart so that both prongs of the bail are in the crystal’s hole. Very carefully, using your fingers, pinch the bail shut so that the heart is held in place. Don’t use pliers for this step—you want to make sure you don’t scratch or chip the crystal heart.



8. Last, use two jump rings to attach ear wire to hexagon loop.

9. Repeat these steps for second earring.


And there you go! Are you planning on making any Valentine’s Day jewelry this year? We’ve got even more tutorials coming up this week, so keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you make a pair of these!

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