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Tres Hearts Necklace | DIY Jewelry Tutorial




Fun, flirty, and very satisfying to make! Gather the supplies and it will take about 15-20 minutes to construct. Wear it for Valentine’s Day, give it as a gift, treat a friend or a family member. It feels so good to be generous or have something to wear out to a special occasion.

As an aside, if the hearts don’t work for you there are several more designs available, as well as the crystalized bezels too, maybe choose birthstone colors. Look in the TierraCast Charms folder.





  1. Cut a 1 foot long length of Flexrite and string your disks and heart charms onto it as follows: 3 disks, heart charm, 6 disks, heart charm, 6 disks, heart charm, 3 disks.
  2. String 21 round beads on each side of the charms and disks.
  3. After round beads:
    1. Add a bead cap
    2. Add a crimp tube
    3. Pass Flexrite through end link of chain
    4. Thread Flexrite back through crimp tube
    5. Crimp tube and trim Flexrite
  4. Cut chain to 4.5″ long and repeat for other side. Cut other chain to 4.5″ long as well after attaching.
  5. Open end links of chains and attach bar and ring of clasp directly to each chain.

Of course, all of these components can be changed out for something similar is size, different bead caps, a different clasp, or charms, you have a lot of flexibility so enjoy the process!




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