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Leather & Silver Teardrop Earrings | DIY Tutorial



Oh how I wish that gorgeous olive green leather photographed better! These earrings combine subtle leather with glimmering bright silver to create what I can only describe as a pair of understated statement earrings. Is that possible? I think so.



The dangly parts are made of the new Nunn Design earring frames and simple disk heishis—this is a great project to build your wire wrapping skills. I also love that the post earring base means you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Nunn Design just released their brand new Winter 2016 line, so to celebrate we’ll be posting projects made from their new items all week. We’re also offering 25% off all Nunn Design on the site! Keep reading for materials and instructions to make your own pair of these earrings.





  1. Cut one 12″ piece of wire. Beginning on the left side of the earring frame, do three tight wire wraps.
  2. String one disk onto wire from back to front, then arrange so it is in line with the earring frame.
  3. Thread wire through earring frame to secure, then thread wire through disk from back to front again.
  4. Wrap wire 5 times around earring frame to secure. You have attached one disk.



5. Repeat same steps for second disk: string disk onto wire from back to front, wrap wire around frame, pass wire through disk from back to front for second time, secure by wrapping wire around frame 5 times.

6. Continue attaching disks this way until you have attached 7 disks.


7. To finish, gently scoot the disks down the frame to center them. Then cut wire tails to 1/8″ and wrap tightly to secure. If you’d like, you can add a dab of clear glue for extra security.TeardropSteps48. To make the earring posts, cut two circles from the leather strip. The strip is the right width, so you can make your circle by cutting a square and then carefully rounding the corners. As you can see, they don’t have to be exactly perfect—the leather is pretty forgiving and you can tuck and stretch as necessary in the bezel.

9. Place a thin layer of glue in the center of the bezel, then add leather circle. Adjust as necessary, using your fingernail or an X-Acto knife to tuck edges in.


10. Use jump rings to attach the earring frames to the posts, and you’re done! Try them on and admire your handiwork. If you’d like, you could also gently patina them with liver of sulfur (or try using a hardboiled egg!).


Thank you so much for reading—we hope you love the new Nunn Design line. Have you had a chance to check it out? Which items are your favorites? As always, send us a photo if you make these earrings and we’ll feature it on our Facebook!

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