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Copper Moon Necklace | DIY Tutorial


I love the versatility of even the simplest round stone beads. This necklace uses Rose Quartz, known as the stone of love and openheartedness. Its moon-like cloudiness is echoed in the crescent moon below, while the faceted copper beads and chain add dimension to this minimal piece.

The Copper Moon necklace is bohemian and elegant. It is a little more complicated than some of our tutorials, but very do-able by an advanced beginner or intermediate jewelry worker—and the results are well worth it.




  1. Begin the wire-wrapped frame by wrapping a 6″ piece of copper wire 5 times along the right side of the frame—wrap from bottom to top. I left my wire wraps more loosely-spaced than usual to accent the organic nature of the beads.
  2. String 5 rose quartz rounds on the wire, then wrap wire 5 times around left side of frame—wrap from from top to bottom.
  3. String 2 rose quartz beads, a faceted copper bead, then 2 more rose quartz beads onto the wire, then secure on right side of frame by wrapping 5 times, top to bottom.
  4. Trim and tuck wire ends.


5. Place the copper crescent moon on a medium oval jump ring. Open one of the large copper jump rings and add 2 faceted copper beads, the moon, then 2 more faceted beads. Close the jump ring. This will be called the “moon jump ring” from now on.

6. Cut 7 pieces of the cable chain. From left to right, the chains are the following numbers of links long: 13, 14, 16, 17 (center), 16, 14, 13. Put all pieces of chain on a medium jump ring. This will be called the “chain jump ring” from now on.



7. Add one quartz bead to a headpin, break the neck and trim, and make a loop. Add this drop to the chain jump ring.


8. Use a medium jump ring to connect both the chain jump ring and the moon jump ring to the wire frame. The moon jump ring should be in front.

9. Bring the quartz bead drop through the moon jump ring so it is at the very front.

10. Use a second jump ring to attach the chain jump ring and moon jump ring to the wire frame the same way you did in step 8, but this time make sure the loop of the quartz bead drop is sandwiched between the two medium jump rings. This will be a little tricky—you need to rotate the quartz bead drop so that its loop is flush against the first medium jump ring in order to do so.


11. Attach ball end crimps to both ends of the fine faceted ball chain (check out this link for more detailed instructions), attach medium jump rings to the ball chain crimps, and then attach a lobster clasp to one of the jump rings. Fasten the lobster clasp through the other jump ring to make your necklace closure.


12. Use two medium jump rings to attach the wire frame to the faceted ball chain, and you’re finished!

I hope this was as clear as possible—please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for reading and please let us know if you make your own version of this necklace.

Happy Beading,


Editor’s Note:

We received a picture of a customer’s version of this, so we wanted to share it here. By Chris Donofrio


9 thoughts on “Copper Moon Necklace | DIY Tutorial

  1. I just finished making this, with a few variations! I made my own silver wire frame large loop, and it’s a couple mm’s larger than yours. So, I used (6) 6mm aquamarine beads on the top row, with a 6/0 ruby red seed bead in the middle, and (5) 6mm aquamarine beads on the bottom row, in a pattern of (2) 6mm, then a seed bead, then (1) 6mm, then a seed bead, then (2) 6mm. Then for the dangle, I used a large angel wing charm (instead of the crescent moon), and I added a jump ring with (2) seed beads. I’d love to send you a picture… please let me know how I can do that!


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