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Under the Sea Earrings | DIY Tutorial


Whether you prefer The Little Mermaid or Mermaids: The Body Found, one thing is for sure: mermaids are very cool. You know what else is cool? Mood jewelry.

That’s right—mood beads are back! Inspired by the mood jewelry of the ’60s and ’70s, these thermo-sensitive liquid crystal beads by Mirage change color with minute variations in temperature. Pair these chunky mermaid mood beads with dangly jellyfish-like chains and an anenome-looking bead cap, and you have a pair of sea-inspired earrings that are a little groovy, a little classy, and very fun to wear.

Like it says on the Bello Modo website: “As with life itself, Mirage mood beads are always changing and mysterious.”


Tools needed:


UndertheSeaSteps11. Add one heishi disk to an eye pin. This will be the bottom of the earring.

2. Add a mermaid bead to the eye pin, making sure it is the right way up.

3. Add a bead cap to the eye pin.

4. Add another heishi disk to the eye pin.


5. Bend and cut your eye pin and create a loop. This will be the top of the earring.



6. Cut five pieces of the chain. You will make these by cutting the last small link before the larger open link that connects the copper “ball” to the chain. Each piece of chain should look as follows: large open link, ball, large open link, length of smaller links. (See second picture for close-up of which link to cut.)

7. Open the eye pin on the bottom of the earring and attach all five large open links of the chain pieces directly to the eye pin.

8. Use a jump ring to attach the top loop of the earring to an earwire.

9. Repeat these steps to make your second earring.

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