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Bird in Flight Hoops | DIY Earring Tutorial


These Americana-style earrings remind me of old-school tattoos, spring outfits, and wispy clouds in a blue sky. I love how the warm natural brass brightens up the cool, glassy Firepolish. The swallow on the bottom of the hoop is from the new Vintaj collection, and a star on top completes the look.


You will need:



  1. Use a jump ring to connect the two sides of the hoop.
  2. Cut two 4″ pieces of wire and use them to connect each side of the bird’s wings to the frame as shown. The first wing will be a little fiddly, but the second one will be much easier. If your first wing doesn’t look good, you can re-do it after you’ve secured the other side.


3. Cut a 24″ piece of wire and anchor it by wrapping around the left side of the hoop five times, moving from the top of the frame downward.

4. String one brass bead, 16 dark turquoise beads, and then one more brass bead onto the wire. Adjust the wire up and down so this fits comfortably across the hoop, then secure by making five wraps around right side of hoop.

5. Repeat step 4 to add second row of dark turquoise beads.


6. Add two rows of light turquoise in the same way. The first row should go: brass bead, 17 light turquoise, brass bead. The second row should go: brass bead, 16 light turquoise, brass bead.

7. Add two rows of cream. The first row should go: brass bead, 16 cream, brass bead. The final row should go: brass bead, 15 cream, brass bead.

8. Your rows may be a little cramped—use your fingers to adjust as necessary to get them to lay flat.


9. Cut a 3″ piece of wire and loop it through the top jump ring and the loop of the star charm. Loop it through once more so there are two wire loops holding the charm, then gently flatten the loops so they lay flat. Twist wire ends together, trim, and tuck.


10. Use a jump ring to attach ear wire to top jump ring of hoop, then repeat all steps for second earring.


What do you think? Thank you for reading, and let us know if you make a pair!


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