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Sawtooth Bracelet | DIY Tutorial


CzechMates 2-hole beads are so beautiful—each one a tiny piece of perfect design. They’re perfect for beadweaving, but we’re also always looking for unexpected ways to use them and adapt them to different personal styles.

This bracelet uses 2-Hole Bricks, deerskin leather, and a Nunn Design channel bracelet to create a chunky, geometric bangle. The alternated bands of brown and black bricks remind me of the jagged beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, and the leather gives it a western feel. Though it may feel far away, summer is coming, and this bracelet would be a perfect addition to denim and sleeveless shirts on a hot day.

With the whole range of CzechMates colors and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect colorway to customize this bracelet to your taste.






Attach Deerskin Lace

  1. Lightly sand bracelet channel to roughen surface.
  2. Cut one end of deerskin lace straight. Using small bead of glue, affix leather to edge of bracelet channel. Hold in place for a few seconds for glue to set.
  3. Work carefully around bracelet,  glueing down leather by placing a dab of glue every 1/2″ or so.
  4. When you’ve worked around to where you started, don’t glue final inch yet—first lay the leather down and mark where ends will meet, then cut leather.
  5. Glue down end of leather, press ends together, and hold in place so seam is nearly invisible.
  6. Repeat for leather on other side of channel.




Attach Bricks

1. String 2-hole bricks onto Fireline, alternating brown and black bricks, until you have a strand long enough to wrap around the bracelet. It is easiest if you string one side of the bricks first and then the other. Tie a knot at each end of the Fireline so that the bricks can’t slip off, leaving enough slack that the bricks can slide freely along it.

2. Use glue down the brick strand the same way you glued down the deerskin lace. Make sure the edge of the bricks is flush with the leather. The bricks will want to slide off—move very slowly around the bracelet, glueing 4-6 bricks down at a time and holding them in place for 30-60 seconds until the glue has set enough to hold. Continue keeping pressure on the bricks as best you can as you move around the bracelet. The first few inches will be the trickiest, but it will be easier as you keep going.

3. When you’ve finished gluing down the bricks, pull all Fireline ends toward the center of the bracelet.

4. Lay the second row of bricks the same as the first, but stagger the bricks so that the brown bricks are next to black bricks (like a checkerboard—see picture below for reference). Pull the Fireline tails to the center of the bracelet and poke them down with a needle or headpin so that they run along the channel between the two rows of bricks.


Attach Round Leather

  1. Use a tiny dot of glue to secure end of round leather into gap between bricks. Use a headpin or needle to poke it down so it is at the very bottom. Keep wrapping leather this way, using very tiny dots of glue and then a headpin or needle to poke leather down as far as it can go.
  2. Continue wrapping until you have wrapped leather 3 times around bracelet and it is nearly flush with bricks.
  3. Cut end of leather at 45 degree angle and use small dot of glue to secure.


  1. Trim Fireline ends if there are any sticking out.
  2. Gently straighten bricks and round leather if necessary. Touch up any loose spots and clean any glue residue off surface of beads.

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