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Byzantine Earrings | DIY Jewelry Tutorial


One of my favorite things about Vintaj components is how versatile they are. They can be painted with candy-colored patinas for an Art Nouveau look, layered with beads and filigrees for a boho look, and more.

I wanted to try something new for myself, so I layered and antiqued these Vintaj Vogue components to echo the look of old Byzantine goldwork.


The bottom hoops are a set of the new Nunn Design wire frame hoops hammered flat. I really look the different look that hammering gives them, so expect a couple more tutorials using them to come along soon.





  1. Put a few drops of patina on a paper towel or lint-free cloth and lightly wipe patina onto front and back of both Vintaj vogue pieces. Let dry, then use reliefing block to sand patina away so patina is left only in the details. I also left a tiny bit on some of the flat surfaces to give the pieces an antique look.

Here’s a video if you’d like more instructions:


2. Hammer the wire frames flat, then lightly patina and sand those as well.


3. Use a jump ring to attach medallion, engraved hoop, and hammered metal hoop together.

DSCN5415 4. Use a second jump ring to attach earwire to jump ring.


And there’s your finished pair of earrings! Simple and elegant, perfect for the royal you.

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