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De-Art Crystal Earrings | DIY Tutorial



These two pairs of earrings are made with Swarovski De-Art crystal pendants, a pendant that has been discontinued but we still have a nice selection of. We love the unique geometric shape of these crystals, they catch light in a very interesting way.

The Copper Arch earrings, which use Montana Blue crystals are remind us of the red rock canyons and blue night sky of Arches National Park in Utah.

The Chandelier earrings are made with Crystal Golden Shadow pendants. They are reminiscent of the sparkles of chandeliers and champagne, and are great for a night out!


Copper Arch Earrings






  1. Add jump ring to De-Art crystal.
  2. To earwire, add: one 3mm bicone, three Firepolish beads, one 6mm bicone, three Firepolish beads, and one more 3mm bicone.
  3. With a tiny dab of Super New Glue, glue 3mm bicones in place so that beads do not slide.
  4. Add jump ring with De-Art crystal to bottom loop of earwire.



Chandelier Earrings





  1. Open jumpring, and add three silver beads, a De-Art crystal. then three silver beads.
  2. Add one silver bead, one 6mm bicone, and one moe silver bead to eyepin. Make loop.
  3. Add bicone loop to jumpring.
  4. Attach earwire to second loop of bicone.

Both pairs of earrings make a great addition to a party outfit. What would you wear them with? Do you have a favorite pair? Tell us in the comments!

3 thoughts on “De-Art Crystal Earrings | DIY Tutorial

  1. I have these beads, donated to East Valley Beaders by Swarovski to use for our Cinderella Affair Charity project. This project is perferct. May we use it?


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