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Celestial Earrings | DIY Tutorial



Resin is a fun material because you can make designs that seem to defy gravity. It allows you to look at every component a different way and reconsider their uses.

I already loved these little crescent moon tags and hexagon heishis, but they have a whole new look in these earrings, suspended in resin like celestial bodies in the night sky.

These earrings are thin and light and the Nunn 2-Part resin is super easy to use, even for a beginner. I’m already thinking about making another pair!





  1. Hammer the wire frame hoops and the crescent moons so they are flat and textured.
  2. Sand down rough edges with the Vintaj reliefing block.
  3. Use flush cutters to cut off very tip of headpin, leaving a very short bit of pin attached.
  4. Super glue this headpin into the hole of the crescent.
  5. Repeat for the second crescent moon.


6. Cover back of wire hoops with packing tape and press tightly to seal. This forms a temporary “back” for the wire frame so that you can pour the resin.

7. Arrange inner components within frame by sticking them in place on the tape. It’s easiest to do the crescent moons first, then add the hexes around them.


8. Mix your resin according to the package instructions.


9. Add resin, drop by drop, to the frame. You don’t want the resin to submerge the metal pieces, just surround them, so add little drops and spread around as necessary with your stir stick. Add resin until it is level with the metal components but doesn’t cover them. Pop any air bubbles with a toothpick or headpin.

10. Cover the resin pieces with spare resin cups or a box so that no dust settles in the resin. Let cure for 72 hours before moving or touching.


11. Add a hex to an eyepin, then make loop on other side to make a connector. The loops should be perpendicular to each other.

12. Attach loops of hex connector to wire frame and earwire. Your earrings are finished!


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