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Replacement Knob for a Tea Tin | DIY Tutorial


So there’s the “After” glamor shot—let’s take a look at the Before!

I found this little copper tea tin at a thrift store and loved the look of it, even though it was pretty worn out and missing a handle.


Sad little tea tin. It rattled around in the trunk of my car for a few months until one day at the shop I had an epiphany: I could make a new knob out of the Nunn Design Screw-Back Bezels!


These little bezels are one of the hidden gems of the Nunn Design product line, and they worked perfectly for this project. I’ve got my eyes out now for other uses for them: as drawer or cabinet pulls, jewelry hangers, DIY curtain rod finials, key hooks, and way more. Any other ideas you can think of?

Here’s a simple tutorial for how I replaced the knob on my tea tin—it should be easy to adapt it to whatever project is on your mind. Let us know what you make!




  1. Fill bezel with a generous layer of glue, then add glass dome. Wipe any excess glue from edges immediately.
  2. Unscrew bezel back (don’t lose the nut!) and add beadcap to threaded post.
  3. Put threaded post through hole in your item and screw nut to secure. I found that mine was secure with just hand-tightening, but if you are adding the knob to a heavy-use item like a cabinet or drawer you may want to tighten nut with a wrench and/or add a product like blue Loctite Threadlocker.

Lastly, I used a tiny bit of Vintaj Patina in Onyx and a reliefing block to touch up the worn-away paint on the “TEA” letters. I left the the rest of the tin alone aside from a quick wipe down; I think the old-fashioned look of the knob goes well with the look of the worn, scratched copper.

Thanks for reading! Did it inspire you to fix up anything in your life? Let us know in the comments!


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