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Lolita Cameo Cuff | DIY Tutorial


This cuff is a great piece of jewelry for anyone with a more laid back style. It’s reminiscent of steampunk without being too overdone and adds a rustic touch to any look. This bracelet’s strong suit is definitely its versatility. It can be dressed up or down, and pairs well with a little black dress, or a neutral-toned office outfit.

I used the Lolita Skeleton Cameo because I love how playful it is, but it can easily be replaced with another small cameo or stone if you’re not one for skulls.



  1. Begin by cutting a 1″ by 5″ piece of brown suede fabic.
  2. Carefully adhere the suede to the metal cuff using the Nunn design Silicone Glue. To do so, line up the suede inside the cuff so that it is only visible through the oblong hole. Brush the glue onto both the metal and suede on the sides where they meet. Hold the two together firmly for about twenty seconds to set. Be patient with this step! It may be helpful to glue the the strip of suede in steps, moving around the cuff and letting each section dry completely before moving on to the next.steps1
  3. With a pair of flat nose pliers, slowly and carefully bend the edges of your Vetri Lace Bezel so that they lay at a 45 degree angle.
  4. steps2Using one or two drops of Super New Glue, adhere the Lolita Skeleton Cameo to the bezel. Hold firmly for about twenty seconds to make sure it sticks, and let the glue dry for approximately 20 minutes.
  5. Adhere the cameo and bezel piece to the center of the oblong cuff using Super New Glue. Let dry for about twenty minutes.





And that’s it!

This cuff takes a bit of patience while you’re waiting for the glue to dry between the steps. Aside from that, it’s quick, easy, and super cute!



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