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Simple Parachord Teardrop Earrings


Paracord first got its big break after World War II when it became available to civilians as military surplus. Its light weight and mega strength proved it to be a great utilitarian multi-use cord, great for tying up equipment to trucks, acting as emergency tourniquet fabric, and showcasing as an impromptu (but maybe not so stylish) belt or shoelace.

Here at Bello Modo, we’re less interested in securing heavy equipment, and much more interested in aesthetic appeal. Paracord lends itself well to jewelry making because of how lightweight it is, and also because of it’s unique texture.

I personally love paracord’s not-so-dainty look. As jewelry material, it really pops and catches the eye. These paracord teardrop earrings were my first ever introduction to knots, so I decided to keep the design simple. Making the knots was relaxing and fun, and I have the feeling I’ll be using paracord more often in my jewelry making from now on!


Gold Barrel
8mm Jumpring in Antique Gold
Vintaj Vogue French Ear Wire
Paracord in Goldenrod
Needle Nose Pliers
Flatnose Pliers



  1. Begin by tying a teardrop knot with your parachord. As someone who’s not so versed in knot tying, this video proved incredibly useful to me! You can make your knot as big as you want. Just remember that you’ll have to make another one of the same size and shape – this got harder for me the larger the knot was.

2. Secure the back end of your teardrop knot with a barrel buy guiding both ends of the paracord through the barrel, and clamping the barrel near the base of the knot with a pair of flatnose pliers. This part can be challenging! I found it helpful burn the end of the parachord, cut the tip to make a point, and guide it through the barrel with a pair of needle nose pliers.

3. Cut any loose ends coming out of the barrel, and gently burn what is left of the ends to secure.

4. Add a jumpring to the top loop of the knot, then add another jumpring to the jumpring you just added.

5. Add an ear wire to the topmost jumpring.

6. Follow steps 1-5 again for your second earring.



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