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Focus on Vintaj Natural Brass

Vintaj Natural Brass is one of my most favorite components to work with. They are the original, and still the best patina brass components on the market in terms of quality and patina. They just came out with a new introduction of some cool components, including 1″ Paddle Headpins, very cool!

I sat and played with new and older components and came up with a few samples. I did not intent to do the earrings in all blue and purple, it just worked out that way.  The pendant in the first photo of my work space is not finished yet, so stay tuned , but you can see the waterlily piece patinaed in green and yellow and a pair of filigrees in greens that will soon become earrings.

The 3 sets of earrings in blues and purples were fun to put together, and so easy. Paint on the patinas, 2 or three colors will blend and make for nice contrast. I used Marble, Amethyst, and Cobalt Patinas in a blend. I usually add small puddles of each color on my silicone mat and then mix and blend to my heart’s content, sanding afterwards to bring up the contrast. BlueNew

With these earrings I used Amethyst Patina, and once dried a bit I sanded off the highlights to add contrast. I use the Lucky Squirrel sanding blocks for the initial sanding as they have a better tooth and are way less expensive, using the Vintaj Reliefing block to do the finishing as it has a buffing side that takes all the scratches out. I love the vintage look the sanding creates. I used 6mm Cyclamen Opal bicones to finish the triangular pair below, and 5860 Coin Pearls in Blackberry with the hoops.


For this lovely necklace I used the Fanned Blossom Pendant and   Cinnabar, Citrine, and Moss Patinas, blending and sanding to bring up the highlights. I created a bezel from a 12mm bead cap, using my round nose pliers to curl back each of the 4 petals of the bead cap to make it more vessel-like, and a small bit of brown crystal clay to hold in the 1088 39SS Chaton. I wired the bead cap to the filigree first, then added a thin rope of Crystal Clay around the base to help stabilize it and a small ball in the center to press the crystal into. Once hardened it was good to go, and very stable. A simple chain seemed all that was needed, letting the pendant be the star. Necklace

And, last but not least, this 16mm Chessboard Round bead lends itself to the new Fluted Flower Bead Cap very nicely. On a long chain with a chain-made tassel, its ready to go and so on trend!TassleNecklace

Check out all the Vintaj Components HERE.  And Let me know if you have any questions or comments, we love to hear from you!

One thought on “Focus on Vintaj Natural Brass

  1. Reblogged this on Enchanting Accents and commented:

    I love and I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE everything about Vintaj. This is an excellent way to find out more about Vintaj and all of their products!!! I will post up some pictures soon that I have of pieces I have made using their materials and my own designs.


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