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Jade Drop Earrings | DIY Tutorial



Is there anything more elegant than a pair of drop earrings? Maybe, but… I can’t think of anything right now. They frame the face in a way that compliments every face shape and make even the frumpiest outfit look stylish.

These jade drop beads have a beautiful color to them that reminds me of green tea, right after you add a couple drops of milk. They give an earthy, cozy feeling, and the wire frames really ground them. These drop beads are made of lucite, making them super lightweight. They still look similar to real jade, without weighing you down!


2 30mm Lucite Chandelier Drops in Jade
2 Large Wire Frame Drops in Copper
4 Round 6mm Jumprings
2 Hook-Style Earwires
4 Open Beadcaps in Copper
2 2″ Headpins in Copper


  1. Start by carefully flattening a beadcap to fit at the base of the drop bead.
  2. Thread a headpin through the flattened beadcap, then add the drop bead.
  3.  Add the second headpin to the top of the drop bead, and carefully squeeze it with a pair of flatnose pliers, cinching it to fit snugly atop the bead.
  4. Make a loop out of the headpin at the top of your bead (we’ve got a great tutorial for creating the perfect loop here).
  5. Add a jumpring to the headpin loop, and secure it to the loop of the wire frame so that the drop bead hangs inside the frame.
  6. Secure a jumpring to the earwire, and add it to the loop of the wire frame so that the frame hangs below the earwire.
  7. Repeat the steps for your second earring!


Here’s the final product!


I think lucite is the perfect earring material, especially in this case when it’s standing in for jade stone- which might be to heavy for some ears. Have you used lucite in your earring-making projects? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments!



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