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Vintaj and Patina Birdhouses | DIY Tutorial


Here at Bello Modo, we’ve been trying to think of fun, new, and creative ways to use the huge array of supplies we have in stock. Jewelry is the obvious answer, but we like to think a little out of the box. The sun has been out, the birds have been chirping, and that’s got us thinking… what can we make for them?

Birdhouses, of course! And while we’re not master woodsmiths, we do have an eye for design. We dropped by our local craft store to pick up the (decorative) houses themselves, then got to work on adorning them.

Sometimes I wonder if birds ever enjoy the houses humans build for them as much as we do ourselves? These beautiful birdhouses are decorative only, too small for practical use by birds so they are really meant to use for indoor decoration but you could do the same kind of decorating on full sized bird houses, adding some life to your yard, and hopefully act as an invitation for some new winged friends.


Birdhouse – you can buy a small birdhouse at most craft stores starting as low as $3!
Indoor/Outdoor spray paint to color your birdhouse
Patina in Verdigris
Patina in Moss
Glaze Patina Extender
Sanding block
Vintaj Scrolled Layering Window
4 to 6 Vintaj Deco Vine Borders
Vintaj Scrolled Ironworks
Vintaj Fanned Boho Filigrees
1 bottle of Super New Glue or perhaps better 2 Part 5 Minute Epoxy


  1. Start by using Patina to color the pieces of Vintaj. We started with blue. When using Patina, a little goes a long way. It’s best to dab the paint brush in a sort of stippling motion. Vintaj has a great video with suggestions of how to best use their product, which you can find here.
  2. Let the layer of blue Patina dry completely, then add another layer, this time green. Don’t worry about covering up the blue! There’s a method to this madness- we promise!
  3. Once the second layer of Patina has dried, take a sanding block and gently sand away some of the Patina, especially in places where there is visible buildup or lumps. This should begin to reveal some of the blue that the green paint covered, as well as some of the natural metal color. Then, add the Patina finishing glaze to keep the color locked in!Patina-Steps2
  4.  Next, decide where you’d like to place your Vintaj pieces on the birdhouse. You can follow our pattern, or you can make your own design.
  5. With the glue, trace around the back of the Vintaj pieces, covering the flat parts with glue. Be careful not to get any on your hands! This stuff is sticky and dries pretty quick. Baby wipes are helpful here.
  6. With your Vintaj piece ready with glue, place it where you’d like it to go, and hold it down firmly for about a minute. It may help to add glue around parts of the piece to secure it further. Let it dry for about 10 to 20 minutes, and the repeat until all of the Vintaj pieces are adhered to the birdhouse.


There are a lot of great ways you can play with the Vintaj, and it’s pretty malleable, too. Here’s an example of more ways you can design your birdhouse!


Here’s a final picture of both houses!



They’re a simple, fun, and new project and we had a great time putting them together outside in the sun. What new uses for Vintaj can you think of? We’d love to hear your ideas; tell us in the comments!



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