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The Red Woman at the Lily Pond


The inspiration for this piece started when I saw the new Vintaj component called Waterlily Base. It’s an evocative piece, made me think a bit of Monet’s Waterlily paintings, and once I found the red woman collage piece I knew it was the perfect one for this component, and once patinaed it developed into the finished piece. The image of the young woman in red seemed like a perfect fit with the green and yellow tones of the patinas.

I added patinas to the component, using a paint brush to spread the color around. After it dried, I sanded off the high points, using a Shrink Plastic Sanding Block, then using my Vintaj metal Reliefing Block I went over it to take out any scratches. Finally, I added a coat of the Matte Glaze to protect the finish.

I used Silicone Glue to adhere the image to the underside of the Waterlily Base, adding a coat of glue to the face of the image as well to seal it. Once dry I rolled out a sheet of Crystal Clay and added it to the back of the image, pressing it into the frame of the Waterlily Base to help it get a good hold on the piece. Then I gently pressed it onto an Openwork Flower Filigree, paying attention to the placement. You will want the upper loop to be right in the spot where the Flower Filigree dips down and creates a loop. This loop needs to line up with the Waterlily loop so as to make it  accessible for later use.  Once I was satisfied with its adhesion I set it aside and let it cure. Crystal Clay generally takes a couple of hours to harden up.

This stack of components gave a bit of dimension to the piece that I was happy with, and it also left just the right amount of space between the two components making it possible to use the loops on the Waterlily Base.

At this point I added a layer of UV Resin to the image and put it under the UV light, making sure there were no bubbles hiding around the edges before it went under the light. It cured nicely, and while it cooled off I started on the beaded chain.

Using 24 gauge  wire in the Vintaj Brass color and a pair of Vintaj Looping pliers I made the first part of the beaded chain using a lovely red colored 6mm bead that matched the Red Woman tones nicely. I made 22 beaded chain components then using my pliers opened and closed the loops to connect them up into a chain. At this point I added a 7.25mm jump ring to the upper link of the Waterlily Base, going right through the opening in the filigree as I lined them up before curing. You may need to slightly widen and or smooth the opening with your reamer, to get the jump ring in. Once in and before closing I slipped in the beaded chain at the middle point, then closed up the jump ring. Perfect!

To the end of each side I attached a 6″ piece of Vintaj Cable Chain, attaching one side to each piece of chain of a Hammered Links Clasp. Then, because I enjoy making necklaces with extra textures, I added a 20″ piece of Fine Figaro Chain to each of the links of chain attached to the clasp, so it hangs to the inside of the main chain.

This leaves the lower loop of the Waterlily Base to add a charm of your choice to. Due to the crystal Clay, the two components are raised apart just enough to be able to get a jump ring into the lower loop of the Waterlily piece without having to go through the base filigree. This adds more movement, which in jewelry is a very good thing. I chose the Watchful Bird, but you can choose something meaningful to you. To me, ponds and birds are a natural combination.

And finally, I added a short piece of Hanah Ribbon in green tones to the Filigree, right under the bird to add movement and color to the bottom of the piece.

Let me know what you think, and if you made this piece what colors might you choose?




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