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Wind & Water Drop Necklace


This necklace reminds me of a seaside wind, making it a perfect piece for a breezy summer day. The stone is blue like the ocean, and the tassel moves with you when you wear it. It’s one of those pieces that you can throw on with a white t-shirt and blue jeans to add something fun to an otherwise basic outfit.

In this tutorial, we tried out the Bead Smith Cord Zap. As I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this thing! It cuts though and burns string and chord simultaneously so that nothing unravels. Plus, it heats and cools at lightning speed, so there’s no need to wait around for it. It’s much cleaner, safer, and precise than using other techniques, such as a regular lighter. And, it doesn’t take any time at ll to get the hang of. An all-around win, if you ask me!


Semi-Precious Stone in Dyed Agate
Double Hole Flat Rectangle Tag in Antique Silver
Hammertone Cone in Antique Rhodium
.5mm Chinese Knotting Cord in Champagne
Lobster Clasp in Antique Silver
Small Oval Jumpring in Bright Rhodium
Medium Oval jumpring in Bright Rhodium
2 Round 5mm Jumprings in Bright Rhodium
Two 2″ Eyepins in Nickel
26 inches of TierraCast Ladder Chain in Antique Silver
Super New Glue
Bead Smith Cord Zap


  1. Begin by leading an eyepin though the stone. Create a second loop so that the stone is secure in the eyepin, with two loops on each end.
  2. Add a medium oval jumpring to the what will be the bottom of your stone, then attach the rectangle tag, and close the jumpring.
  3. Attach an eyepin to the bottom of the rectangle tag, and close it. Then, carefully add a few drops of Super New Glue to the smallest part of a cone bead. Slide the cone bead small-side-first onto the eyepin, and hold it firmly at the base so that the glue adheres the cone piece to the top of the eyepin. This may require a few extra drops of glue and some patience! Once the cone is secured, cut off any excess metal from the eyepin that is sticking out of the cone.
  4. Now, get started on making your tassel using the Chinese Knotting Cord. I found this tutorial over at ‘How Do You Make This?’ endlessly helpful (though, I did make mine much small than the one in their example).
  5. Once your tassel in finished and secured, remove the top and bottom strings that you used as guides (for this tutorial, they will have been the purple ones)
  6. Take your Cord Zap, and finish the edges of the tassel by cutting the loops to create single strands.
  7. Add a dab of Super New Glue to the top of the tassel, and secure it to the inside of the cone bead.
  8. Now, add a round jumpring to the top of the stone.
  9. Fold your chain in half, and secure the jumpring at the top of the stone to the bottom of the chain.
  10. At the top of the chain where it is disconnected, add a round jumpring to one side, and a small oval rumpring to the other. Secure a lobster clasp to the oval jumpring.

Then, you’re done!

There are so many different ways you can make this necklace. You can change the stone or thread colors, switch up the chain, or put an engraving on the tag. The possibilities are nearly endless!


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