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Turquoise & Fringe Earrings | DIY Tutorial


Last week, we made a necklace with a tassel. This week, we’ll be making a pair of earrings with fringe using the same Chinese Knotting Cord. What can I say? I’m a sucker for all things fringe!

When I found these Basketweave Crimps, I knew I had to try something fun with them. I paired them with a Puffy Oval bead with a bronze finish to compliment the gold findings.

Fringe has likely been on my mind because of all the tassels I’ve been seeing at graduations the past few weeks. These earrings have a a smart look about them, and make an apt gift for the recent grad in your life!


Chinese Knotting Cord in Champagne
Puffed Oval Bead in Turquoise Bronze Picasso
2 13mm Basketweave Flat Crimps in Gold
2  2″ 21g Eyepins in Bright Brass
4 4mm Round Faceted Metal Beads
4 3mm Faceted Heishi Beads
2 Large Jumprings in Antique Gold
2 Vintaj Vogue French Earwires


  1. Begin by securing a strand of Chinese Knotting Cord between two clamps so that it is held taut. I did this using a Chain Sta Stabilizer. (editor’s note: you could also use a Third Hand tool.)
  2. Cut Chinese Knotting Cord into about 16 – 4-inch strands (eight strands for each earring). Drape eight strands over the thread.
  3. Once you’ve made sure that the strands are organized into a straight row, place the crimp over them and carefully tighten it using a pair of flat-nose pliers. For further stability you could run a bead of jeweler’s glue along the top of the row of stands, this will make the connection inside the basketweave crimp even more secure.
  4. Cut the cord that the crimp and strings are hanging from, leaving two inches of each side. Pull these down so that they become part of the fringe. Then, finish your fringe by cutting it to be the same length across. I did this using my trusty Cord Zap.
  5. Add an eyepin to the crimp. Then, add a small Heishi bead, a faceted metal bead, the puffy oval, a faceted metal bead, and then a small Heishi bead. Make a loop at the top.
  6. Secure with a jumpring, then add an earwire.
  7. Follow the steps to make your second earring, then you’re done!






What do you think about incorporating fringe and tassels into your jewelry projects? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to know your thoughts!

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