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Nunn Design Components and Crystal Clay, a Perfect Marriage














Nunn Design makes a lovely and very useful array of components, such as rings, cuff links, and bezels of all shapes. These durable, fashionable, lead and nickel free components, ( all made in the USA ), are heavily plated in precious metals, copper, 24kt. gold, and .999 silver.

They are particularly suited to pairing with Crystal Clay, a two-part epoxy clay which, when mixed together in equal parts creates a medium that at first resembles polymer clay but then hardens up like a rock within a couple of hours. It sticks to everything, and does not damage the finish on crystals or glass beads. It’s really amazing how well it holds.

So, a bit of Crystal Clay in a bezel with a crystal pressed lightly into the clay will hold it firmly and permanently. the Deep Bezel Rings and Channel Earrings pictured above are excellent examples.

The second image is of a necklace made with 12x12mm Pyramid beads affixed in the Traditional Rectangle Bezels with Crystal Clay. 



The 50 gram packs of Crystal Clay comes with easy to follow directions, a pair of gloves for mixing, a wax tipped pick for setting crystal chatons with and a small pack of chatons to get started with.




A closeup of the Deep Bezel Rings and Swarovski Crystal stones. 

NACC2A fun way to embellish these Channel Earrings: Crystal Clay and Czech Spike Beads.


The amount of clay in the channel is thin, not much is needed.

NACC1 We’d love to see what you are doing with Nunn Design components and Crystal Clay!

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