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Crystals & Crescents Set | DIY Tutorial


When I found these boomerang pendants in the shop, I was amazed that I hadn’t seen them on the blog yet. They make for the perfect statement accessory, and there are sooo many ways to style them! I decided not to toy with the boomerang’s shape or texture too much my first time using them so as to focus on the crescent shape and simple, flat texture. But who knows, maybe you’ll see more fun way to use them in the future!

The pairing of gold metallics with these Swarovski Crystals makes for an incredibly flashy look, which is a fun break from the leather and natural stone tutorial we’ve been posting these past few weeks. You can make your wire wrapping as clean as you’d like, but I kept mine a bit unkempt to add a boho touch to make these super glam pieces a bit more casual.

Let’s get started!


1 Medium Boomerang Pendant
24g Gold Parawire
14 inches Fine Gold Chain
Lobster Clasp
Small Jumprings in Antique Gold
3 6mm Swarovski Bicones in Crystal Verde

2 Mini Boomerang Pendants
10 Small Jumprings in Antique Gold
2 Large Jumprings in Antique Gold
2 Vintaj Vogue French Earwires
2 Swarovski Navette Pendants in Crystal Verde
24g Gold Parawire
12 inches Fine Gold Chain



1. Begin by punching two holes into each end of your medium Boomerang Pendant. The holes should be close enough to the edge that a small jumpring can fit through the hole to close.
2. After you’ve punched your holes, begin wire wrapping your first section. It’s best to start in the center section first, so that the necklace stays symmetrical. While you’re wire wrapping, thread one of the Swarovski Bicones placing it in center of the wire wrap, and continue to wrap the wire until you are satisfied with the look. When you’re done, tuck the wire end at the back so that no wire pokes through.
3. Repeat step 2 so that there are three sections of wire wrappings with crystals, as pictured.
4. Cut 12 inches of chain, and cut the 1 inches of chain in half so that you have 2 six-inch halves.
5. Attach a small jumpring to each end of the chain, then attach one jumpring from each piece of chain to each end of the boomerang.
6. At the end of both chain pieces of the ends opposite the boomerang, and another small jumpring to one end and a lobster clasp to the other.


1.Begin by punching two holes at the ends of a small boomerang (one on each side), close enough to the edges that a small jumpring can fit through and close.
2. Wrap the center of the boomerang with gold 24g parawire, and tuck the ends when finished so they don’t stick out.
3. Measure 4 inches of chain & cut. Then attach each end of the chain to each end of the boomerang using two small jumprings.
4. When the chain is secured to the boomerang piece, hold the boomerang upside-down so that the chain hangs slack. Find the center of the chain, and add a jumpring to the centermost link. This may take a couple of tries, so if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry! When the jumpring is secured on the correct link, the piece should hang right-side-up symmetrically.
5. Add another jumpring to the first jumpring top of the chain, then secure an earwire.
6. Add a jumpring to three links of chain. Because this is such a small amount of chain, I suggest starting with a larger piece and then cutting it down to three links once the jumpring is secured.  Once cut, add a jumpring to the other end.
7. Add this small piece of jumprings & chain to the lowermost jumprings hanging from the earwire.
8. Now, open up a medium jumpring. Add the Navette Swarovski Pendant, attach to the bottom of the chain & jumpring piece, and close.
9. Repeat steps to get your second earring, then you’re done!



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