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Peas In a Pod Earrings | DIY Tutorial


These earrings remind me of being in my mom’s garden as a young child, and eating pea pods straight off the vine. It was the only way I could ever be convinced to eat my vegetables. Now, a mom myself, I wear these in my garden while picking peas with my daughter.

The use of the black earwires and headpins is unique, and comes across as very classy. I also love the green firepolish beads, which look a lot like peas, adding to the garden-party feel of these earrings. For a bigger earring, these are super lightweight!



2x 12mm Firepolish Beads in Green OPL
2x Round 4mm Jumpring in Black
2x Earwires in Black
2x Eyepins in Black 21g
4x Large Hole Beaded Beadcaps
4x 5mm Heishi Beads
4x 3mm Heishi Disks
2x Vintaj Pea Pods


  1. Start with a headpin. Add the beads to the headpin in the following order: 3mm Heishi Disk, 5mm Heishi Bead, Large Hole Beadcap, Firepolish bead, Large Hole Beadcap, 5mm Heishi Bead, 3mm Heishi Disk
  2. Bend the rest of the headpin at a 90 degree angle after the last bead, trim leaving some excess headpin, and loop the headpin to close.
  3. On one end of the headpin, add a Vintaj Peapod.
  4. On the other end, add a jumpring, then an earwire.
  5. Follow steps 1-4 to make your second earring.


Of course, you can always alter our tutorial to suit your own style. Here’s an example of the same base piece with other 12mm Firepolish beads, and one with a 12mm Pearl. Changing something as simple as one of the beads changes the whole character of the earrings!


I think these look great with pretty much any bead you put on them. What color bead would you put on these earrings? Let us know in the comments!

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